Robat Ferroalloy Complex

Manufacturer and exporter: ferromolybdenum, ferromanganese and ferrochrome
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Robat Ferroalloy Complex
Manufacturer and exporter: ferromolybdenum, ferromanganese and ferrochrome
Robat Ferroalloy Complex located at km 35 of Kerman-Rafsanjan road with FARCO brand is one of the fifty national projects of the country and one of the knowledge-based companies
Honors: Holder of the badge of five years of sample exporter of the province, one year of top entrepreneur of the country, three years of top entrepreneur of the province, four years of industrial sample unit of Kerman province and also two years of selected consumer protection.
The first phase of this complex was put into operation in 2011 with an annual production capacity of 1200 tons of ferromolybdenum and all the products of this complex are exported abroad. In 1996, the second phase of the complex in the field of ferromanganese production with a production capacity of 26 thousand tons per year Has been put into operation and the third phase in the field of ferrochrome production is about to be launched.
Due to its special view on attracting and satisfying its domestic and foreign customers, this complex has been able to provide all the products of the factory, both in the export sector and in domestic sales, in advance to the customers through precise quality control that it performs in the production stages. Put.
Innovations and innovations: 1- Extraction of materials from slag of molybdenum, manganese and chromium factories 2- Upgrading of low grade quarry stones 3- Conversion of electric arc furnace electrical system from AC to DC for the first time in Iran, which increases production efficiency and quality by 30% and Electricity consumption has also been reduced by 30%. 4- All stages of design, construction, installation and commissioning of this complex have been done by Kerman Fak Machine-Building Company (which belongs to the shareholders of this complex) and internal specialists of the complex.
Job creation in this complex has been directly 200 people and indirectly, about 350 people have been created job opportunities.


Address : Factory address: 35 km of Kerman-Rafsanjan road, corner of Dolatabad road Head Office Address: Kerman, Jihad St., corner of Alley 74 Shiraz office address: Shiraz, Farhangshahr, corner of fire department, 44th alley, Diplomat building, 3rd floor, unit 12 Factory ZIP Code 7637165162 Head Office Postal Code 7619773744 Postal code of Shiraz office 7187664330
Phone : 3 - Factory phone: 034 - 33371590,
,Head office phone: 034 - 33371594 ,
,Shiraz office phone: 071 - 36330184
fax : Factory Fax: 034 - 33371594,
,Head Office Fax: 034 - 32481560
email :
mobile : 09360779466


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 Robat Ferroalloy Complex
Manufacturer and exporter: ferromolybdenum, ferromanganese and ferrochrome