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Robat Ferroalloy Complex

Our team is proud to provide services to great comrades with half a century of experience and offering the best and most quality services. During the past years, our services and the satisfaction of our compatriots have been one of...

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In-person courses

In-person courses to foster efficient managers and engineers to better manage engineering and engineering organizations


The seminar provides an opportunity to create an atmosphere of exchange of information and thoughts among the communitys educators on various scientific and research topics.

Semi-facial courses

Semi-facial courses are one of the best ways to realize the motto of training at all times and everywhere with high efficiency.

Provide technical and occupational...

Provide technical and occupational counseling advice to better understand individual and organizational abilities by providing appropriate solutions to achieve desired goals.

reasonable price

Price is one of the main components of a good product. We offer quality with the best prices

Books, pamphlets and educational...

Books, pamphlets, and educational films A package of the best books and educational CDs that can be your main source or educational assistance.


Address : Factory address: 35 km of Kerman-Rafsanjan road, corner of Dolatabad road Head Office Address: Kerman, Jihad St., corner of Alley 74 Shiraz office address: Shiraz, Farhangshahr, corner of fire department, 44th alley, Diplomat building, 3rd floor, unit 12 Factory ZIP Code 7637165162 Head Office Postal Code 7619773744 Postal code of Shiraz office 7187664330
Phone : 3 - Factory phone: 034 - 33371590,
,Head office phone: 034 - 33371594 ,
,Shiraz office phone: 071 - 36330184
fax : Factory Fax: 034 - 33371594,
,Head Office Fax: 034 - 32481560
email : info@farcomplex.ir
mobile : 09360779466


about us

 Robat Ferroalloy Complex
Manufacturer and exporter: ferromolybdenum, ferromanganese and ferrochrome