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Robat Ferroalloy Complex located at km 35 of Kerman-Rafsanjan road with FARCO brand is one of the fifty national projects of the country and is one of the knowledge-based companies. This complex produces ferromolybdenum, ferromanganese and ferrochrome.

Ferromolybdenum is an alloy containing 60-70% by weight of molybdenum.

This alloy is produced by melting molybdenum oxide (Mo O3) aluminum and iron and by reduction with aluminum. Ferro-molybdenum is the most important alloy material used in low-alloy steels.

Ferrochrome is an alloy of iron and chromium containing 50 to 70% by weight of chromium.

This alloy is produced by carbon reduction method and arc furnaces. The countries that produce this product include South Africa, India and Kazakhstan.

Ferromanganese is a combination of manganese oxide (MnO2) and iron oxide (Fe2 O3).

Ferromanganese is obtained at high temperatures and in the molten state in the form of coal or coke in the presence of carbon. This process is also performed in electric arc furnaces.

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Address : Factory address: 35 km of Kerman-Rafsanjan road, corner of Dolatabad road Head Office Address: Kerman, Jihad St., corner of Alley 74 Shiraz office address: Shiraz, Farhangshahr, corner of fire department, 44th alley, Diplomat building, 3rd floor, unit 12 Factory ZIP Code 7637165162 Head Office Postal Code 7619773744 Postal code of Shiraz office 7187664330
Phone : 3 - Factory phone: 034 - 33371590,
,Head office phone: 034 - 33371594 ,
,Shiraz office phone: 071 - 36330184
fax : Factory Fax: 034 - 33371594,
,Head Office Fax: 034 - 32481560
email : info@farcomplex.ir
mobile : 09360779466


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 Robat Ferroalloy Complex
Manufacturer and exporter: ferromolybdenum, ferromanganese and ferrochrome